US schools' IT systems drop out after weekend firmware update misery

Wed, 2018-04-25 22:39
Three-day outage sparked by bungled software rollout for data-center gear

A botched network switch firmware update caused school IT systems to fall over in the US state of Washington, it is claimed.…

ICANN takes Whois begging bowl to Europe, comes back empty

Wed, 2018-04-25 07:07
Rude awakening – yet again – for American DNS supremo

ICANN has been told for a second time that it must fundamentally change its Whois service to become compliant with Europe's incoming privacy law – and do so within the next month.…

Bargain-happy Brits snub big four mobile network operators

Tue, 2018-04-24 19:28
Plucky MVNOs snag top five spots for customer satisfaction

You can stuff your VoLTE and Notched iPhones – bargain-conscious Brits are shunning the big mobile operators for cheap-as-chips virtual network operators instead.…

Information-Centric Networking boffins celebrate successful Cypriot trial

Tue, 2018-04-24 06:02
Live-traffic gives information-centric networking a boost

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) over IP has taken another step towards deployment, with a trial conducted at the end of 2017 declared a success.…

DON'T PANIC! America's net neutrality won't be ending today after all

Mon, 2018-04-23 22:42
You'll have to wait until, well, next month, for the end of the internet as we know it

Today, Monday, April 23, 2018, marks 60 days since the repeal of America's net neutrality safeguards was published in the United States Federal Register, and so it is the END OF THE INTERNET FOREVER!…

Community Fibre wins £18m from infrastructure fund

Mon, 2018-04-23 14:21
Plans to hook up 500k Londoners to 1Gbps speeds in 4 years

Community Fibre has won £18m from the UK government's broadband fund – the first outfit to do so since the cash pot was announced back in 2016.…

Google kills off domain fronting and chatting just got less secure

Thu, 2018-04-19 23:01
Cloud tech tweaks end anti-censorship workaround

Google has made technical changes to its cloud infrastructure that have caused collateral damage to an anti-censorship technique called domain fronting.…

Nominet reveals its plans to make Whois GDPR compliant

Thu, 2018-04-19 21:39
.UK registry not entirely sure what the fuss is about

The operator of the .uk internet registry has outlined the changes it plans to make to its Whois domain registration system in order to bring it in line with new European privacy legislation.…

BT pushes ahead with plans to switch off telephone network

Thu, 2018-04-19 13:14
Consultation next month following plan to shift all punters to VoIP

BT is forging ahead with plans to shut its traditional telephone network, with the intention of shifting all customers over to IP telephony services by 2025.…

Cisco snuffs Spark, renames it 'WebEx Teams'

Thu, 2018-04-19 08:33
And Huawei's given carriers a 14G network (it does 2G to 5G and we did the sums)

Roundup  Cisco leads the networking roundup this week, with news that there's one fewer way to avoid its WebEx brand: as part of a product reorganisation, what was Cisco Spark is to become WebEx Teams.…

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

Wed, 2018-04-18 23:10
Now for the last time, will you all please shift to IPv6?!

You may have heard this one before, but we have now really run out of public IPv4 address blocks.…

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

Wed, 2018-04-18 23:10
Now for the last time, will you all please shift to IPv6?!

You may have heard this one before, but we have now really run out of public IPv4 address blocks.…

Hortonworks unfurls tool to cut grunt work, let firms spend more time rolling in juicy data

Wed, 2018-04-18 10:40
And *checks watch* of course it'll be really useful for GDPR

Data management biz Hortonworks has lifted the covers off a service that aims to make it easier for enterprises to identify, secure and connect data stored both on-premises and in the cloud.…

Cisco casts an eye over IoT protocol landscape: 'everything the light touches is ours'

Wed, 2018-04-18 04:54
Managing Things, with intent

Cisco has pitched its intent-based networking capabilities as a way to get control over the Internet of Things.…

US government weighs in on GDPR-Whois debacle, orders ICANN to go probe GoDaddy

Tue, 2018-04-17 23:10
Yeah that oughta do the trick

The US government has waded into the omni-shambles that is the internet infrastructure industry's failed effort to comply with European privacy laws.…

'Uncarrier' T-Mobile US to un-carry $40m for bumpkin blower bunkum

Mon, 2018-04-16 23:57
FCC levies fine equivalent to 32 hours of quarterly profit

T-Mobile US will be a bit lighter in the wallet today, thanks to a $40m fine served by the FCC.…

Net neutrality advocates freak out as lobbyists undermine California bill

Mon, 2018-04-16 23:29
Legislation 'could have been written by AT&T and Comcast'

An effort to pass net neutrality legislation at the California state level is in doubt after an official analysis of the proposed bill recommend pulling out two key measures.…

Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

Sat, 2018-04-14 08:01
Can we still have a GDPR moratorium, asks US domain-name body

The Whois public database of domain name registration details is dead.…

Having ended America's broadband woes, the FCC now looks to space

Sat, 2018-04-14 00:54
Satellite operators reminded they need permission to relay broadband internet. Looking at you, Swarm…

America's comms watchdog has served notice to would-be satellite network providers that it won't abide any more unauthorized launches.…

UK's fibre minnows put BT's Openreach to shame – report

Fri, 2018-04-13 16:07
But former state monopoly still the biggest single investor

Fibre-building minnows passed nearly one million FTTP connections last year – more than double the amount BT's Openreach managed, according to a report from an industry body.…